SAG Awards: Fashion Recap

The Screen Actors Guild Awards were held last night, and because all the winners were fairly predictable (except Jean Dujardin – MAJOR yay moment!), fashion was my main point of interest. I didn’t think the looks here were quite as exciting as those at the Golden Globes, but I suppose that’s to be expected, since this is a more casual, low-key awards show. Here’s what I thought:

My Four Best Dressed:

  • Viola Davis: My only repeat winner from the Globes, and she deserves it. The striking white of the dress and its beautiful cut would be enough to merit inclusion, but I also liked the touch of gold – it gave the gown something extra special. And her hair is so cute!
  • Emma Stone: I like that she went with a shorter length; she stood out from the rest of the crowd. I also love the slight ruffles on the top – they make the dress fun, but there aren’t so many of them as to be overpowering.
  • Michelle Williams: I love this color on her; her hair was looking particularly golden blonde tonight, and the red just went perfectly with it. I also like the lace at the top of the dress – that little touch elevates the dress and makes it something special.
  • Rose Byrne: I know this might seem like an out-of-left-field choice, but I give Byrne major props for daring to be way different. From the plunging pantsuit to the blunt bangs, this look was crazy bold – and I loved it.

My Four Worst Dressed:

  • Jenna Ushkowitz: So tacky. I do not like the rainbow-y fabric. I also don’t like how you can see the white mini dress underneath – I know it’s necessary to cover her up, but it looks odd.
  • Jenna Fischer: She is so pretty, but she always dresses matronly on the red carpet. The color – the drab blue/grey – is kind of depressing, and the cap sleeves make her look so old! This was very Pam Beasley (circa the early years of the Office) of her.
  • Shailene Woodley: UGH. Though the print of her dress may fit in with her movie thematically (the Descendants is set in Hawaii), the fabric is so tacky and not at all red carpet worthy. This was particularly disappointing since I loved her dress at the Golden Globes.
  • Heather Morris: OH GOD. This is like an 80s tranny train wreck. I feel like that’s harsh of me but…no, no, no. That’s all I can say.

Miscellaneous Fashion Awards of Note:

  • Most Effortlessly Elegant: From the casual hair to the way her dress just seems to fit effortlessly, I loved Berenice Bejo’s whole look. I also like the purple necklace a lot – it’s a piece I’d want to own (though I’m sure it’s worth, like, $2 million or something).
  • The “Begrudging Admittance That You Look Good Even Though You Shouldn’t Be Here” Award, Part Deux: I’m giving Stacy Keibler the exact same award I gave her at the Globes. This dress was really lovely (I adore the black lace), and I think her hairstyle is perfect – so soft and pretty. And even though I mock her for being the latest in George Clooney’s revolving parade of girlfriends, even I found it harsh when one of the idiotic red carpet interviewers called her “not a bad accessory.” Ouch.
  • Prettiest Color, Part One: I love the color Emily Blunt’s emerald green gown, although the style of the dress seems like something that’s been done before, many times. Also, her hair is a bit too messy. Like, “chunks just hanging down her face” messy.
  • Prettiest Color, Part Two: I think the color of Dianna Agron’s dress is spectacular. I also like how the dress gathers in the middle, and how it has soft ruffles, not over-the-top ruffles (soft ruffles as opposed to over-the-top ruffles is apparently a very big concern for me today).

  • Most Improved: Julie Bowen wins this one for making a big (heck, a GIGANTIC) improvement over her Golden Globes dress. I like the color and drapey-ness of the gown. Yeah, drapey-ness. It’s a word.
  • Best Sleek + Silvery, Part One: This is a pretty standard silhoutte, but I love the fabric of Naya Rivera’s gown – it’s gorgeous and perfectly shimmery. Also, her hair is fantastic – so soft and pretty!
  • The “Please Keep the Gals in Check Award”: I know you’re a new mom, Natalie Portman, but rein the girls in, okay? Also: nice dress. Love the bold color, even though the bow is a bit much.
  • Best Sleek + Silvery, Part Two: There seemed to be a fair amount of silvery, sparkly gowns on the red carpet, and I’m all about that trend. I love how Octavia Spencer’s dress gathers off-center at the hip. Very nice. I also don’t generally like longer sleeves on the red carpet, but hers looked great.

  • The LBD Done Right Award: Can an evening gown be properly called a little black dress? I dunno, but I’m going with it. Archie Panjabi’s dress was so simple, but stunning nonetheless. I liked how it was all black, but the top was a different material than the bottom and so there was a neat contrast. I also liked the one shoulder cut and her lovely earrings.
  • Prettiest Sculpted Top: Sofia Vergara’s dresses are generally too (predicatably) va-va-voom for me, but I dig this one. Love the color, love the top (and the way it’s sculpted – very interesting). Such a pretty look for her.
  • The Black + White Done Right Award: I like the white top/black bottom dress that Maya Rudolph rocked. It was fairly straightforward and simple, but I thought this was a fantastic look for her.
  • The “When Did Liz Lemon Become a Fashion Maven?” Award: I said it at the Globes, but I’m usually not a fan of Tina Fey’s red carpet choices. However, this is the second event in a row where I’ve loved her dress. This is simple, but I think the color gradient top adds just enough interest to make it a great dress.

  • The Too Severe Award: Once again, Angelina Jolie lets me down. I just think there’s something way too severe and harsh about this dress – she looks scary, and not in a good way. She’s too gorgeous for this!
  • Biggest Snoozefest: Oh, Jessica Chastain, I still cannot believe you’re not rocking the red carpet more. This was an improvement over your Globes dress, but still not enough. It’s an okay dress, but there’s nothing interesting about it.
  • The “Help, My Necklace is Trying to Eat Me” Award: Kristen Wiig’s dress is boring, but it’s the choker that really steals the show. That thing is freaking out of control.
  • Most Ready for a Post-Show Luau: Come on, girl – this is waaaay too casual. I think Busy Philipps is hilarious, so it pains me to say this, but if there hadn’t been so many other dresses I hated, this definitely would’ve been a strong contender for “worst dressed.”

  • The Not Fit for a Khaleesi Award:  I mentioned liking the white top/black bottom combo with Maya Rudolph, but I’m not a fan of it here, on Emilia Clarke. There’s too much going on – too many ruffles, too stiff and structured of a top, and the black lace peeking out under the sleeves is odd. This is not a good dress, Dany. It is known.
  • Best Dressed Person I’ve Only Vaguely Heard Of: I gave this one to Mireille Enos at the Globes, but Missi Pyle takes the award here. This gown was really stunning – and I loved that it was gold, but not over-the-top, crazy sparkly gold. She looks good, although, to me, she will always be the poor girl for whom Ross way over-whitens his teeth on Friends.
  • The Same Dress Every Damn Time Award: I swear, Meryl Streep always wears the same dress – lots of fabric, kinda puffy, long sleeves, big belt – to every awards show. I guess I get it, but I think you can be an older lady and still make better fashion choices/generally look more stunning on the red carpet. Mix it up, Meryl.
  • The Eternal Fashion Risk-Taker Award: Zoe Saldana is always daring, but I’m not a fan of the gamble this time. The top, in particular, looks so odd – see through fabric over a tank top? What’s up with that?

Agree? Disagree? Who were your favorite looks from last night?

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