December + January in Instagrams

I realized I never did an Instagram post for December, so here’s a combined look at December and January. Two for the price of one!

Looking through my phone, I realized two things. One, I didn’t take many good Instragram pictures (or pictures at all) the last few months. Two, of those I took, there are an inordinate amount of food pictures. I’m not saying I’m going to quit doing that, but maybe I’ll try to photograph other things (like, I dunno, people?) next month.

Anyway, my last two months in Instagrams:

  • Row 1: bundled up for winter; property flashcards + coffee; latte foam patterns; a Christmas card in every color
  • Row 2: a Christmas tree close-up; a puppy close-up; grandma’s chocolate chip cookies; and another puppy close-up
  • Row 3: a plate of homemade Christmas treats; my sister, dad, and mom at Christmas dinner
  • Row 4: cake pops; an onion ring tower + pomegranate cocktail on NYE; baked brie + apple tarts; a vintage photo of my mom
  • Row 5: arancini from Mani; the menu at Vinology; pizza + cannoli at Mani
  • Row 6: a very special pup; a quote in Jolly Pumpkin’s window; Zingerman’s bagels; a Napoleon at Amadeus
  • Row 7: Cupcake Station deliciousness; an installation by the Art Museum; studying like whoa; a random concert on the corner of State and North U
  • Row 8: No Thai! chicken pad Thai (the best); seeing Like Crazy; loving my new scarf; the menu at Cafe Zola
  • Row 9: the Law Quad with a light dusting of snow; a smoothie, fries, and salmon burger from Sunday brunch at Zola

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