Jason Wu for Target (aka, the Tale of My Steep Descent into Online Shopping Madness)

I like to think that, when it comes to fashion, I don’t really get sucked into trends. I’ve never been into shopping that much, I don’t scour sample sales, I don’t have a million designer handbags, etc.

But, one thing I do love is Target’s collaborations with amazing designers. I think it’s wonderful that they work with high-end designers to create affordable and accessible pieces for everyone. I totally missed the boat on the Target and Missoni collaboration last fall, logging online way too late (i.e. right at the point where the website began to crash repeatedly). However, I was much more excited about the Jason Wu collaboration anyway, and this time I thought I was far more prepared.

I scoped it out in advance and knew there were 3 pieces, in particular, that I wanted to score. I felt optimistic because, while it seemed like people were pumped for this collection, it didn’t seem to be at Missoni-like levels of insanity. However, from my perspective, at least, it sort of was.

The first problem: Target refused to tell anyone when the online sale would begin. I started checking Target’s Facebook page yesterday, and their canned response to every single question was “sometime early in the morning.” Ummm, that is maddeningly vague and, frankly, it felt a bit like a slap in the face to their customers.

Now, I get their strategy – if you don’t give out a time, you reduce the chance that everyone will log on at the same moment at crash the website. Still, this seems like a poor excuse at best. Target is, what – a multi-billion dollar corporation? Couldn’t they find a web developer who could help them handle all the traffic? It seems like this could have unfolded in a more orderly fashion, but what do I know?

The second problem: once items started rolling out (which appeared to happen in random phases), people were posting on Facebook and Twitter with things like, “whooo hooo, got the peplum blouse” or “yay, just scored the black trench!” Which was lovely – if you could actually see those items on the website, because not everyone could. This meant that I got into an endless game of hitting refresh, logging in and out, changing web browsers, and lying to myself by saying things like, “I will only stay up for 15 more minutes, and then I’ll go to bed for sure…”

Eventually…I scored the three exact pieces that I wanted. I guess I should feel like it was a success, but mostly I feel kinda sad that I let myself get sucked into the madness. I basically stalked the Target website from midnight to 2:30am, and I feel like a complete loser for it (even though by the looks of Facebook and Twitter there were thousands of others doing the exact same thing). I feel insane – like, are these clothes even that pretty? Why do I care so much? Am I shallow and materialistic for caring so much? I dunno, I’m hoping when I open my box from Target I’m, like, overwhelmed by how awesome the clothes look, because I’m fairly certain that’s the only thing that will redeem this experience and make me feel warm and fuzzy again.

And, oh yes, the clothing. What exactly did I buy? I got the long-sleeve sailor sweater, the pleated-front gold peplum top, and the black pleated skirt. I love the looks of all these pieces, and I think they’ll be nice business casual wear for work this summer.

Did anyone else out there shop like a madwoman (or man)? If so, what did you snap up?


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