A2 Bucket List: Brunch at Cafe Zola

Number 26 on my Ann Arbor Bucket List was to have brunch at Cafe Zola. I went around 1pm, which doesn’t exactly scream “brunch time” to me, but they serve brunch until 4…so, I’m counting it, clearly.

Cafe Zola doesn’t take brunch reservations unless you have a big party, and when we arrived, it was  packed. So, we ended up crowded awkwardly in the front entrance, right up against the poor folks who were trying to eat at the bar. But, that was pretty much the only negative part of the experience, and I can live with that if I am rewarded with yummy food.

As we were doing the aforementioned awkward waiting game, I kept seeing waiters walk by with delicious-looking smoothies, so that was the first thing I ordered once we sat down. I got the Five Berry Crush smoothie and it was tasty – although, ultimately, not that different from any other smoothie I’ve ever had, so perhaps not worth the price.

It was my entree that I really loved – I got a salmon burger, and it was delicious. When I think of “burgers,” I don’t immediately (or ever) think of salmon, but it was a good combo. It also came with a spicy mayo sauce that was fantastic (and very good for dipping french fries in).

All in all, I’d recommend Cafe Zola – and I’d definitely go back!

14 down, 46 to go!

2 thoughts on “A2 Bucket List: Brunch at Cafe Zola

  1. We went there for dinner on Christmas Eve and it was much better than I remember it to be. My daughter got the grilled swordfish and it was one of the best I’ve had. A little pricier than I remember, though – close to 300 for five people (3 kids). Oh well, it was Christmas

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