Project Runway All-Stars: Episode 6

For this week’s challenge, robot-Angela announced that the designers would have to create a “weekend getaway look” inspired by one of the four seasons. The designers were pitted against each other, meaning there would be one winner and one loser from each season. I enjoy when reality shows do side-by-side competition like this – not only does it ensure additional drama amongst the designers, but it’s also easier to assess the designers’ looks when compared right next to each other.

However, tonight, this formula produced the most upsetting result of the season, as Jerell won (whaaat?) and Rami got sent home (WHAAAAAAT?). Clearly, my prediction of a Mondo/Rami finale showdown was a bit misguided. Seriously, though, I’m bitter about this – and I think it’s a good argument for why the judges should consider a designer’s entire body of work over the season when they make an elimination (which they always say they don’t). Rami created some amazing garments this season; it’s a shame he’s gone so early.

Rather than going with my usual Top Three/Bottom Three this week, I thought I’d follow the lead of the show and compare the designers side-by-side. Here’s what I thought:

Kara vs. Austin:

  • My Winner: Kara. I like the flowy-ness of the outfit, and she did some nice color blocking – love the brightness of the top paired with neutral white and grey. Yes, it’s terribly simple and not very innovative, but especially compared to Austin’s look, this one wins.
  • My Loser: Austin. This is way too matronly – I agreed with Isaac when he said the model looked like a “bore” and with Angela when she said the model was “like a small town girl going to church.” I didn’t, however, agree with Isaac when he praised the pants (even going as far as calling them the best thing in the show!). I mean, really? These are definitely LL Bean pants; they are unflattering and frumpy.
  • Judge’s Verdict: Kara wins, though the judges said it was a close call.

Kenley vs. Mondo:

  • My Winner: Kenley. This is cute, but – as with Kenley every week – not quite out of her comfort zone. Still, I always find Kenley’s outfits so fun that I’m willing to give her a pass (though, I sense, the judges won’t be so willing for much longer). This was, admittedly, a simple look – I liked the collar, but that was really the only unique detail. Well, that and the orange shoes, but she didn’t design those.
  • My Loser: Mondo. Initially, I had Mondo penciled in as my winner – I loved the combination of patterns and the bright yellow belt was the perfect touch. However, upon further inspection, the cut of the top was SO unflattering – the way it’s too short in the front and long in the back. I also hate the way he had his model’s hair styled!
  • Judge’s Verdict: Kenley. Who would have ever thought, when the pairings were chosen, that she’d beat Mondo??

Rami vs. Mila:

  • My Winner: Rami. I actually liked this a lot when it came down the runway, but looking at the photo now…it’s kind of insane. I loved the bright blue fabric and the peek of green, but in the photograph they clash. Also, when they opened the sweater on the runway and you got a full view of the green top, it was scary. Very scary. Georgina even remarked, “the top underneath, I wish I had never seen that.” Yep. This wasn’t Rami’s strongest look (by far), but I thought Mila’s look was more dreadful.
  • My Loser: Mila. Atrocious. That’s all I have to say. The “cape” was like a giant canvas bag on her model. I mean, doesn’t it kind of look like Mila stuck her model in one of those gigantic sumo wrestler suits?
  • Judge’s Verdict: Mila wins. I’m still in disbelief that Rami got sent home.

Jerell vs. Michael:

  • My Winner: Jerell. Much as it pains me to admit, I liked Jerell’s coat a lot, and I thought he chose his fabrics well. However, there were so many layers that it did appear too hobo-ish.
  • My Loser: Michael. I like the silhouette, but I found the fabric quite off-putting. Also, it just looks so heavy. I get that it’s winter, but I feel like it would freezing out and you’d still be walking around sweating in this number.
  • Judge’s Verdict: Jerell. The right choice, but I wish someone would take him down a peg.

Random Bits + Pieces:

  • I love how sassy Rami is in the credits. He, like, pops his hip or something. It’s great. I notice every week.
  • I’m not quite sure what to make of the Jerell/Michael “feud.” Jerell thought Michael was copying him, and the editing certainly suggested Michael did. However, I don’t think the finished products looked very similar – sure, they were two grey coats, but it’s a winter look. What else were they going to make?
  • Mondo says, “Today is my mother’s 60th birthday” and Joanna says, “you’re not there!” Thank you, captain obvious. Also, is that really helpful??
  • Best exchange of the night:
    • Mondo: “It feels just like dinner at my family’s house.”
    • Michael: “Spaghetti?”
    • Mondo: “No, awkward.”
  • Kara said she was going for a “sexy chic,” and I think she says that every week, because she always emphasizes the word “chic” in her Aussie accent and I always notice it.
  • This week’s guest judge was Cynthia Rowley. Love her – she’s knowledgeable and doesn’t pull any punches.

Bitchy Lines of the Night:

  • “I feel like Kenley is doing the same thing over and over again, and she has this very arrogant attitude, like, it’s just me, it’s just me. This is a competition, at least try something new.” (Mondo on Kenley)
  • “Rami’s look to me is really hard to look at. I feel like the colors are not right together. There’s too much volume.” (Mila on Rami’s outfit)
  • “It’s like the oldest chick from the golden girls.” (Jerell on Austin’s garment)
  • “How many girls are wearing polka dots like that? Maybe Minnie Mouse.” (Jerell on Kenley’s dress)
  • “It’s almost so dorky it’s cool.” (Cynthia on Austin’s look)

And in case you missed ‘em: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, and Episode 5.

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