Grammy Awards: Fashion Recap

The red carpet at the Grammy Awards makes me sincerely miss the red carpet at all other movie and TV award shows. Seriously, 95% of people at the Grammys are dressed over-the-top and super tackily. Perhaps that’s part of the charm for some people, but for me – Oscars, you cannot come soon enough.

But in the meanwhile, the Grammys are all I’ve got. So, with that disclaimer, here are my thoughts on this year’s Grammy fashions.

My Best Dressed:

  • Kelly Rowland: Love the beautiful details on the top and the lovely cream color of the gown. Her hair looks fabulous, too.
  • Lily Aldridge: I love this print – it’s bold without being tacky. She’s the perfect example of looking chic while pregnant.
  • Carrie Underwood: Head to toe sparkle, and I like it. The back of the dress, which you can’t see here, was also gorgeous.
  • Rihanna: My vote for best dressed (by a mile). Simple and stunning.

My Worst Dressed:

  • Nicki Minaj: Note to Nicki: you are not Lady Gaga. Can we please move on from the ridiculousness? Also, why was your red carpet date a dude dressed like the Pope? Odd and completely pointless.
  • Robyn: Ugh. Such an unflattering outfit – the skirt is way too short, and what is up with those shoes? Not appropriate, at all.
  • Snooki: I seriously don’t know why anyone would have invited her to this event. Per usual, her clothing is uber tacky, but perhaps even more horrifying is her hair. Yikes.
  • Fergie: I think Fergie could look so nice if she wanted to, but she almost always insists on wearing garish clothing. I hate the orange and black Halloween color combo, and it’s just tacky to wear a see-through lace dress.

Other Fashion Awards of Note:

  • Most Blah: I want to like Miranda Lambert’s dress, but I just can’t – I think maybe it’s the color with her skin tone? She’s pretty, but it makes her look drab and washed out.
  • Most Ready to Participate in a Live Action Version of Candy Land: I get that the bright colors are Katy Perry’s thing, but I’m not totally on board with it. I sort of like the dress on its own (though it is a bit much), but when paired with her hair, it’s way too blue.
  • The “Almost Best Dressed” Award: As the title of the award suggests, I was this close to adding Adele to my best dressed list. However, I wasn’t crazy about the length of her sleeves – I thought they looked awkward. Make up your mind – long sleeved or short! Additionally, her hair and makeup look amazing.
  • Most Dramatic Departure: Taylor Swift usually wears ultra-feminine, floaty, princess gowns. I like that she went for something more structured and dramatic here, though I’m not a huge fan of the dress’s collar.

  • Least Dressed: I know she’s a model and basically there to be Adam Levine’s arm candy, but I feel like Anne V could’ve tried a little harder here. She can pull it off, but it’s basically just three pieces of strategically draped black fabric…not very exciting. Well, maybe for the guys watching the show…
  • The “Please Chop off the Bottom 1/3 of Your Dress” Award: I thought Julianne Hough’s dress was pretty, but it occurred to me that if it were a shorter length, I would have enjoyed it much more. I think the length and all the fabric at the bottom makes it kind of blah; it would look younger and fresher if it were short. I also wish she would have made more of an effort with her hair.
  • Best Ombre: I just love the fabric of Esperanza Spalding’s dress – the way the grey bleeds into white and then into orange. It was unique and interesting. And the gold belt and flower are the perfect touches.
  • Most Unnecessary Detail: I kind of like Alicia Keys’s dress (though it’s pretty basic), but I just don’t get the gold reflective collar. It’s strange.

  • Best Ruffles: I liked Corinne Bailey Rae’s black ruffled dress very much. I suspect some might think the ruffles were a bit much, but I thought the dress was dramatic and fun. Her hair, however, reminded me of something Helena Bonham Carter would rock. Just…no.
  • Oddest Touch: I really like Kate Beckinsale’s dress (lovely draping), but I don’t understand the black bow on her shoulder. A, it’s way too long, and B, I just don’t like it with the cream colored dress. Also, why is Kate Beckinsale at the Grammys?
  • Best Pop of Color: Hillary Scott’s dress is quite basic, but I thought it was lovely in its simplicity. I like the bit of purple that almost looks as though it’s woven into the fabric.
  • Most Puzzling: I don’t know who Sasha Gradiva is, but after seeing this dress…I’m not sure I want to know or care. I don’t get this look – gluing a bunch of guns on your arm just for the hell of it? Is it supposed to make a statement? If so, what statement? I’m baffled.

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