My Funny Valentine

I’ll be honest: Valentine’s Day does not bother me the way it seems to bother some people. I’m not depressed about it, I’m not offended by the crass commercialism of it – I’m just relatively indifferent to it. In it’s own cheesy way, I think it’s a fun day, and yet it doesn’t bum me out (too much) to be single on this year’s Valentine’s Day.

If, however, you hate Valentine’s Day, you could probably use a laugh. My number one suggestion is to tune in for the return of Cougar Town tonight (a hilarious and severely underrated show). And my number two suggestion is to peruse humorous Valentine’s Day e-cards. Here are a few I found that I thought were funny – enjoy!

A Ron Swanson Valentine:

(via College Humor)

A Mrs. O’Brien and Mr. Bates Valentine:


A Some E-Cards Valentine:

(via some e-cards)

A (Somewhat Disturbing) Game of Thrones Valentine:

(also via College Humor)

A Where’s Waldo and Carmen Sandiego Valentine:

(via the Carmen Sandiego Facebook page)

Even More Downton Valentines:

(via The Wunder Blog)


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