Project Runway All-Stars: Episode 7

This week on Project Runway, the designers were tasked with creating a look that could be worn in the Broadway revival of Godspell. I thought this challenge was promising, but I wasn’t ultimately wowed by anyone’s looks (in fact, the only one I really liked was Michael’s – I put the other two in my top picks by default). And, as per usual, the judges and I disagreed greatly on the results. Here’s what I thought:

My Top Three:

  • Michael: Headpiece aside, I liked it this look quite a lot. I loved the flouncy-ness of the skirt, and the top was fun as well (though the bow in back was a bit much). I also loved his color palette – from the bold and bright skirt to the pattern of the top.
  • Kara: I loved the red skirt, though I agreed with Georgina when she said it had an odd slit in the back. I also enjoyed the fur stole and the nice pinstriped vest underneath. Isaac said this was the best Kara’s done all season, and I have to agree. The misstep for me was the silver bow – it being glittery and paired with a red skirt was a bit too Christmas present-y.
  • Mila: Okay, yes, the skirt is heinous. But, I adored the faux fur jacket and I didn’t mind the gold top either. Mila said, “I hope the judges notice I pushed outside my box.” And I couldn’t agree more – she totally did. This look was very un-Mila, and since I don’t like her typical stuff, I actually liked this one.

My Bottom Three:

  • Jerell: This look was dowdy and drab – it made the model look ancient, particularly when paired with her ridiculous hairstyle. As this came down the runway, Jerell said to himself, “Job well done, Jerell, yet again.” His delusion knows no bounds.
  • Kenley: This is probably who I would have sent home. I absolutely hated the white fur trim on the jacket; it looked cheap and tacky. But, my biggest problem with the outfit was that the patterns of the coat and skirt really clashed. I thought they looked garish together.
  • Austin: UGH. The judges loved this look, but I did not get it. I thought it was so weird, and as it came down the runway, they cut to Sutton Foster (this week’s guest judge), who had a look of absolute bewilderment on her face. That was about how I felt. It was WAY too puffy, and I thought the leggings looked tacky.

Random Bits + Pieces:

  • The episode opened with everyone expressing shock that Rami is gone. They should be shocked. I’m still not over it.
  • What the heck was the headscarf thing Kenley was wearing in the beginning of the episode? I wanted to rip it off her head! It was just too much.
  • Kara hopes the judges will notice her “simple, chic” aesthetic at this runway show. GUYS, did you know Kara’s clothes are simple and chic? What??? I’ve never heard that from her before!
  • When Joanna visited the workroom, she told Austin, “I love it because it reminds me of ‘is it hideous or is it fabulous?'” Oddly, he seemed to take this as a compliment.
  • I also love that Joanna told Kara she wasn’t being as ambitious as she needed to be. I liked Kara on her original season, but this go round, she HAS been lackluster. Joanna’s critique was absolutely right.
  • Joanna insinuated that she performed in Godspell once (albeit not in a professional production). Wait, what??? Are you telling me that our favorite fashion ice queen sang and danced on stage? I have to see this.
  • The silly editors hyped the designers arguing over sewing machines in the previews for this week, but it turned out to be barely anything at all. Not going to lie – I was hoping for a bit more controversy. This episode was pretty ho-hum.

Bitchy Lines of the Night:

  • “I don’t make mediocre, half-assed pieces. I do every piece with a wow factor. So it must be hard for those other designers.” (Oh, Kenley. Will you never learn humility?)
  • “The only one I don’t understand is Mila’s. It’s kinda like a girl who can’t get into the club.” (Jerell on Mila. I do see his point.)
  • “I thought it was her best challenge to date, but I didn’t like it.” (Isaac on Kara. Ouch.)

And in case you missed ‘em: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, and Episdoe 6.

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