Travel Notes: Sevilla

I had a lot of fun blogging last summer’s travel adventures, so I figured it would also be fun to take a look back at some past trips. I’m starting with some notes on my 2010 France and Spain trip; this post is the last in that series.

Sevilla was the last city I visited in Spain, and, it seemed to me, the most atmospheric. What do I mean by that? Well, it’s hard to actually describe, but I just felt Sevilla had a more distinct, more intense personality than the other cities I went to. I feel as if I only scratched the surface there – I’d love to go back, explore more, and take more time just to stroll around. In fact, Sevilla seems to me a place that is meant for leisurely evening strolls where you can take in the colorful buildings, well-dressed Spaniards, and general loveliness. Yes, I’d definitely like to return.

Here are some highlights from my all too brief day in Sevilla:

The Alcazar Palace so reminded me of Morocco – the Arabic influences were very prevalent.

The Palace had a lovely array of flowers. I spent a bunch of time wandering around the garden – it was an extremely hot day in Sevilla, but the garden was cool and peaceful. Perfection. I thought this flower was especially unique:

The colors of the palace were so vibrant – I couldn’t get over all the brightly painted walls and archways.

Sevilla’s Cathedral was quite grand. I wouldn’t have guessed it from the outside, but it’s apparently the 3rd-largest cathedral in the world! It’s also (allegedly) where Christopher Columbus is buried.

When I said Sevilla was “atmospheric,” the pictures below are what I was thinking of. Everything is so colorful and vibrant. I just couldn’t get over all the colors of the buildings – so many yellows, oranges, pinks, and reds.

I also spent some time wandering around the Jewish Quarter. The area is filled with tiny “kissing lanes” (seen in the picture on the left), and you can see why they are so named – the buildings are so close together, they are almost kissing. The little back lanes of the Jewish Quarter were so quiet. As I walked around, I almost felt like I had stumbled onto some secret place – it was basically tourist-free. I loved this little glimpse into Sevilla.

I also did a fair amount of shopping in Sevilla – I didn’t take any pictures in the stores, and I so wish I would have. I headed out of the main tourist area and down a street where, my guidebook promised, the locals shopped. The stores there were very lovely. My major purchase was three beautiful fans. There was such an array of colors and designs; I had a difficult time choosing. The saleslady was very patient with me, and she seemed to enjoy getting fan after fan out for me to examine.

As I walked back to the taxi stand so I could grab a cab to the train station and then return to Madrid, I passed this building. I thought it was very cool – the pictures were elegant and oh-so Spanish to me.

If you’re visiting Madrid, Sevilla is such an easy day trip – the train zips you there pretty quickly. I’d highly recommend it and, like I mentioned, would love to go back. And that’s the problem with travel and me – even the places that I visit and can cross off my list, I want to go back to all over again.

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