Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 22

(image via Jezebel)

The weekly roundup of internet wonderfulness:

  1. Downton Abbey trading cards. Why thank you, Vanity Fair.
  2. And, Downton Abbey paper dolls. Just like American Girl paper dolls, except TEN TIMES BETTER.
  3. The To Resolve Project, a collection of New Year’s resolutions illustrated graphically, is fascinating and fun to scroll through.
  4. Love this video – Mark Grist on Girls Who Read. Cheers to celebrating intellectual ladies.
  5. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – Schmidt is the best character on TV right now. And Fat Schmidt dancing along to Rihanna? Priceless.
  6. Pretty sure I would buy this cereal. Er, I mean, totes sure.
  7. Google Maps Hates OSU. And I love Google.
  8. Whenever I need motivation to do my reading, I’m just going to take a look at Academic Coach Taylor. He’s the best.
  9. Meet Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby! I love this skit, especially Maya Rudolph as Beyonce, Kristen Wiig as Taylor Swift, and Justin Timberlake as Justin Vernon. I know people always talk about how SNL sucks now compared to the glory days, but I think they’ve been churning out some solid sketches lately.
  10. The “what people think I do/what I actually do” meme is already overplayed, but I actually like this one a lot, mostly because I was a project manager in my former life. The first five images are so-so, but the last one (“what I actually do”) is spot-on. I did the typing-on-a-slanted-laptop thing way too many times on flights back and forth to the west coast.

Jonesing for more awesome? I’ve got ya covered.

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