Pink Champagne Cake Pops

I saw these cake pops (recipe from Sweetapolita) and thought they’d be perfect for an Oscar night snack – they looked classy and fabulous. Only the best for my Oscar viewing parties (okay, I didn’t have a big party. But you have to have classy Oscar snacks!)

The other thing I love about these cake pops? Everyone ooohs and aaahs over them (they do look cute and special, if I may say so), but they’re simple to make. And I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for that ideal combination of “making me look like an awesome baker” and “requiring minimal effort on my part.” This recipe hits that sweet spot.

I followed the above-linked recipe pretty much to the tee, except for three minor things. One, I didn’t have any red food coloring, but – randomly – I found burgundy coloring paste in our pantry, so I used that. The filling of the pops wound up being almost obscenely pink, but I dug it. Two, for crumbling the cake and mixing in the frosting, I didn’t use a mixer – I put on food prep gloves and mixed it by hand. I find it easier to do that way and, honestly, more fun. Three, I didn’t have fancy gold sprinkle dust, so I improvised with pearl sprinkles I found in our cupboard and with shaved white chocolate (I put white chocolate in a handheld cheese grater; it worked surprisingly well).

Here’s a look at the process –

Making the cake batter (yep, shockingly pink):

Crumbling up the cake:

Making the frosting:

Cake balls ready to be refrigerated:

Securing the lollipop sticks with frosting:

The finished products (I ran out of white melting chocolates, so some had to be covered with regular milk chocolate):

Neopolitan trifecta:

Up-close look:


11 thoughts on “Pink Champagne Cake Pops

  1. okay so i love making cake pops and everyone that I make them for flips for them but sometimes when I make them they fall of the stick and its so frustrating! how did you secure them?

    1. I put the cake balls in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. Then I took them out, melted a small amount of chocolate, dipped the lollipop sticks in the chocolate, and pushed them into the cake balls. Then, I put them back in the refrigerator to set for another hour. It worked out pretty well!

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