Project Runway All-Stars: Episode 9

This week’s challenge was one of the more unique Project Runway challenges I can remember. Robo-Angela explained to the designers that there would be a black-lit runway, and the designers would have to use “lighting technology” to create an avant-garde look. I’m not sure if the challenge pushed the designers to create their best work, but at least the change of pace was interesting.

The other important development this week? For once, I basically agreed with the judges (except they sort of liked Mondo, and I did not). In any case, here’s what I thought:

My Top Two:

  • Kenley: I liked this dress a lot; I loved how she made her own plaid pattern out of the neon tape – very cool idea. I was not as sure about the gigantic mesh top, but I think the look worked overall. I also liked the styling here; her model had awesome hair. I would have given Kenley the win.
  • Austin: This dress was whimsical and fabulous, although I don’t think it quite met the challenge. He didn’t incorporate the lights into the dress; he made a dress and wrapped the lights around it. Nonetheless, I liked this dress because it seemed true to Austin – it looked like a dress he would normally make, but with some lights added. The dress gave me a “Marie Antoinette at a rave” vibe – and I dig that.

My Bottom Three:

  • Mondo: I agreed 100% with Georgina here – all I can think of is Madonna when I see this dress (I mean, pointy boobs – really?). My only other thought was that this was terribly boring. I mean, Mondo’s looks are usually semi-crazy, so you would think he would pull off something interesting here, but…not so much.
  • Jerell: Oh dear lord. This looked like a Brazilian Carnival showgirl costume gone awry. I mean, really, what is this? I was not a fan of all the random string/fringe protrusions. Georgina remarked that “it feels a little tribal raver,” and I couldn’t agree more.
  • Michael: This look is very strange, and did not seem fashionable to me in any way. It looked like something Queen Amadala (Natalie Portman) would’ve worn in the terrible new Star Wars movies (okay: I’ve never seen them. But everyone says they’re terrible). I would have sent Michael home for this look.

Random Bits + Pieces:

  • We’re getting down to the wire here, and I’m realizing I don’t care about the outcome – this whole All-Stars thing isn’t panning out for me. I’m ready for the next season, and for the return of Nina, Michael, Tim, and Heidi.
  • That said, I will concede that Georgina is a great judge (perhaps better than both Michael and Nina, albeit far less quippy and entertaining). I wouldn’t mind her sticking around on a long-term basis (Isaac, however, can leave anytime). Everything she says is well thought-out and intelligent. She doesn’t make catty remarks just to provide a good soundbite; she actually provides useful information the designers could use.
  • When they were at the lighting store, Austin randomly sprayed perfume (or something) and then sauntered through its mist. Could he be more over-the-top fabulous?
  • I loved Austin’s sketch and original conception of his design (he used the phrase “magical, windswept, starry skies”), and it was nice to see his idea ultimately realized.
  • Jerell called his ensemble a “tribal peplum skirt.” Peplum is freaking everywhere these days – on several Oscar looks (like Michelle Williams) and in Jason Wu’s Target line (like the gold peplum blouse I bought). This means I am on trend – for the first time ever. I mean EVER.
  • Joanna’s hair kind of glowed in the black light room. Pure amazing-ness.
  • Angela said, at least twice, that Pharrell Williams was voted “best dressed man in the world?” To that I say: by whom, exactly?
  • I consistently like Kenley’s designs, but I believe approximately 5% (or less) of the words that come out of her mouth. Nothing she says sounds sincere. For instance, when Jerell left, her saying, “oh, Jerell, I’m so sorry” sounded a lot like “good riddance, bitch” to me.

Bitchy Lines of the Night:

  • “Michael is turning his model into an Ewok.” (Mondo; none of the other quips this week even come close in terms of sheer bitchiness.)
  • “Austin has become very high maintenance. He’s like a little prima donna.” (Mondo.This was particularly apropos in light of his perfume-mist-twirling-routine.)
  • “You’ve really stretched yourself this time.” (Mondo to Kenley; it doesn’t sound that bad when written out, but he said it in the most sarcastic, harsh tone imaginable.)
  • “Jerell’s design is…um…just weird and poorly constructed.” (Austin. I concur.)

2 thoughts on “Project Runway All-Stars: Episode 9

  1. Great review here, I also write week-to-week with my thoughts! I completely agree with everything you had wrote here, especially about Jerell (wtf) lol! And you’re totally right about Kenley, I never really noticed it but she’s not sincere at all!

    PS- Be sure to check my blog:


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