Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 23

(The Dowager does the Jolie! Image via here)

The weekly roundup of awesome stuff I found while wasting time online:

  1. File this under “things that are funny because they’re so true”: Something Wicked This Way Pins. I adore Pinterest and won’t be quitting it anytime soon, but it’s completely true that everything I’ve ever made from Pinterest has come out looking semi-janky.
  2. A gourmet waffle restaurant is opening in Ann Arbor. My life will soon be complete.
  3. We should all be as exuberant as this guy. This makes me want to watch Bring It On.
  4. The photographs from this year’s National Geographic contest are absolutely stunning. Note to self: learn how to actually use the settings on your camera.
  5. Pairing Florence + the Machine with the new Game of Thrones trailer? Sheer brilliance.
  6. Amber Tamblyn pranks Tyrese. This is amazing. I suppose I should expect nothing less from the woman engaged to Tobias Funke.
  7. A music video from Josh Ritter, created with over 12,000 pieces of construction paper. The brilliance and creativity of people astounds me sometimes.
  8. Law enforcement drawings of famous literary characters. Really cool, but kind of creepy.
  9. Ron Swanson cookies. Oh. My. God. Too much amazing-ness to handle.
  10. I’m in full-on Downton Abbey withdrawal mode. To pass the time, I’ve been browsing through this tumblr and this one too. Season 3, wherefore art thou??

And in case you missed ’em before: The Awesome Archives

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