The Little Things: Hidden Old Photographs

One little thing I noticed when I was home for “spring” break last week? There are photos hidden everywhere around our house. Open up a cupboard, and you might just find a tiny old photograph that my Mom taped to the inside. Take a look at the side of a bookcase, and there you’ll glimpse a picture of baby Laura. Every time I spot one of them, it makes me smile.

These gems are taped inside our kitchen cupboard. In the top photo, you’ll notice I’m rocking a mid-90s-Easter-chic look. Seriously, the dress + tacky hair bow + blunt, super blonde bangs = my childhood. The bottom photo is from Mackinac Island, also circa mid-90s. The best part of this one? In her sunglasses, my cousin reminds me of a non-Asian Yoko Ono.

And in case you missed ’em, here are more little things I love.

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