Currently (3.12.12)

  • Wearing: new shoes (Sperrys for J.Crew). I’m usually not this aggressively preppy, I swear.
  • Eating: Za’s chicken pesto panini. Cheap and delicious, you know how I do.
  • Feeling: excited to have summer internship plans finalized. Chicago, I’m coming for you.
  • Wondering: what classes to take next semester.
  • Reading: Con Law, Contracts, Crim. I’m officially in stressed-out finals mode, and we’re more than a month away from them. Oh, law school.
  • Listening: to Florence + the Machine’s “Seven Devils.” On repeat. Since last Friday. Semi-obsessed at the moment.
  • Drinking: cranberry raspberry Fuze. New addiction.
  • Loving: the early arrival of beautiful spring weather. Let’s hope it lasts…

One thought on “Currently (3.12.12)

  1. Law student, eh? Started thinking about that future job yet? May I make a suggestion? Check out JD Match in between the papers and exams. I work with JD Match and it’s a great step for any law student looking for an AmLaw firm job and a little weight off their shoulders.

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