Travel Notes: Tangier

Every Wednesday, I plan to post a look back at a place I’ve traveled, including some favorite photographs and memories. Today’s post is from my trip to Morocco in 2009.

After Marrakesh, we took the overnight train to Tangier (note: I’ve done the overnight train thing twice now while traveling, and I have to say: good idea in theory, not-so-good idea in practice. I inevitably feel gross/exhausted the next day).

Tangier was, to be honest, probably my least favorite city in Morocco. I found it a tad bit grungy; it just didn’t seem as bright and vibrant as the other cities we visited. We only stayed for one night (we had planned two), instead opting to head to another (far more amazing) place a day early. I know a lot of people do a Morocco day trip from Spain, and they primarily visit Tangier. While that’s worthwhile, my advice to anyone would be not to limit yourself to Tangier. Seriously, there’s so, so much more.

Anyway, with that little sermon out of the way, here are some Tangier highlights:

A peek into the Tangier medina and a colorful shoe stand (these were everywhere):

Walking through the meat market and a cool sign I spotted:

More from inside the market:

A break for lunch and mint tea:

Lounging by the beach:

And finally, ice cream. We were, for some reason, craving ice cream in Tangier. We looked around for awhile until we found a cafe with an amazing selection of fancy sundaes. Seriously, these were ridiculous.

Next week: We travel by bus to Chefchaouen!

2 thoughts on “Travel Notes: Tangier

  1. Another great posting, love seeing all the photos. You sure make it look like a fabulous place, even if your experience was sub-par. Can’t wait to see what’s in store next week!

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