The Blue Tractor

In my former life (i.e., the three years prior to law school where I was gainfully employed), I traveled a lot for work. One of my first clients was in Corpus Christi, Texas (a hotbed of culture and excitement, as you can imagine). You know what’s big in Texas? Barbeque. And you know what I hate? Barbeque.

The project team I worked with was made up primarily of guys And you know who loves barbeque? Guys. So, needless to say, over the course of a year-and-a-half long project, I got dragged to coastal South Texas’s finest barbeque establishments for many a team dinner. And I wouldn’t exactly say I enjoyed it.

Given all this, you might naturally wonder why I’m writing about a barbeque restaurant. However, I had heard good things about the Blue Tractor, which opened in Ann Arbor not too long ago. And, since I’m attempting to try new restaurants in Ann Arbor rather than always going to old favorites, I figured I owed it a chance.

It was pretty solid. I got a barbeque chicken sandwich and sweet potato fries, both of which were tasty. If I’m being honest, I’d say I enjoyed the sweet potato fries far more, though the sandwich was good too (but seriously, sweet potato fries = delicious. I don’t particularly care for normal French fries – I’m weird like that – but sweet potato fries are awesome). All in all, I enjoyed it. Did it cure me of my barbeque-aversion? No. But would I go back? Sure.

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