Boston: Dinner at Cuchi Cuchi

One of the highlights of my trip to Boston was dinner at Cuchi Cuchi, a restaurant in Cambridge that’s hard to describe, but for lack of a better phrase, I’ll go with: vintage and Old Hollywood decor paired with international small plates cuisine. Helpful? You’ll just have to go see for yourselves.

We had a long wait for a table, so we started with vintage cocktails at the bar (I had a Negroni – delicious). Once we got our table, we ordered a feast of small plates to share: potato croquettes, marinated mushrooms, fried artichoke hearts, sizzling garlic shrimp, Moroccan chicken tajine, Brie en Croute, Thai mussels, grilled eggplant Napoleon, and white sangria to drink. Every time a plate came out, someone would inevitably exclaim “this is so good!” after trying it. At the end of the meal, we went over our favorites – and I think almost every item we ordered got listed as a favorite by someone (My personal choices? The friend artichoke hearts and marinated mushrooms). It was seriously, seriously good food. Next time I go back to Boston, I know I will seek this plate out.

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