Travel Notes: Chefchaouen

Every Wednesday, I plan to post a look back at a place I’ve traveled, including some favorite photographs and memories. Today’s post is from my trip to Morocco in 2009.

After Tangier, we headed to Chefchaouen. This small town was probably my favorite discovery in Morocco. Back when I was planning the trip, I had to attend a training session at work; while chatting with the girl I was seated next to, I mentioned my friend and I were heading to Morocco for vacation. And she mentioned that she had spent two years living there while in the Peace Corps! She gave me a bunch of useful tips, but her recommendation to spend time in Chefchaouen was the best. I love when awesome coincidental meetings work out like that!

What’s so awesome about Chefchaouen? It’s almost entirely painted blue. All the houses, stairways, walls, and sometimes even the streets have a lovely blue coating on them. As a result, the town looks kind of magical. There isn’t much there by way of sightseeing, but we had fun just wandering through the blue streets of the medina and hanging out. Here are some favorite photos:

Our hotel, Pension Mauritania. We basically walked into town and came upon this one first – and it worked out fine (although it did feature a shared rooftop bathroom. Not my favorite.)

Can you spot me in the picture on the left?:

Our hotel courtyard:

I loved seeing gigantic, bright buckets full of dyes in every marketplace we visited in Morocco:

We wandered into a small carpet shop, and the French Open was on the TV. I’m a huge tennis fan, and I just found it fun to watch Andy Roddick playing tennis while I was on vacation in Morocco.

I took tons of pictures while wandering around the medina. Seriously, I couldn’t help but photograph everything. It was all so beautiful:

I loved the combination of textures here:

And I loved this star pattern:

On our last morning in Chefchaouen, we took a little hike to the edge of town. Thus, one of the few photos without a bright blue background:

Next up: we head to Fez and get lost approximately 4,327 times in the city’s maze of streets.

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