Boston: Brunch at Cafeteria

When I visited Boston, we stayed with a friend in the Back Bay neighborhood. I loved the area and kept thinking, “if I lived in Boston, I’d want to live here.” All the rows of brownstones were so cute and charming, and there are plenty of great restaurants and shops in the area.

One of these cute restaurants was Cafeteria. The restaurant is located on Newbury Street, which I found to be one of the more charming streets in an already-charming neighborhood (quick – how many times have I said “cute” and “charming” already?). Anyway, on our last day, we headed to Cafeteria for brunch, and it was fantastic – the weather was beautiful, so we ate outdoors, soaking up the sunshine.

And the food? Also pretty solid. I got sangria, which was good but slightly watered-down. I also ordered Pizza Margherita, which was quite tasty. I probably order it way too much, but Pizza Margherita is one of my go-to dishes in restaurants – it’s generally always a good bet.

This post is the last from my weekend in Boston (in case you missed the others: St. Patty’s Day, Cuchi Cuchi, and Legal Sea Foods). I had such a good trip and it was absolutely worth it, even though I felt behind/frazzled all this week at school. Priorities, you know.

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