Travel Notes: Fez

Every Wednesday, I plan to post a look back at a place I’ve traveled, including some favorite photographs and memories. Today’s post is from Fez, the last stop on my trip to Morocco in 2009.

Fez is a crazy maze. There’s no other way to put it. While in Marrakesh, we got lost a lot – but we could still use a map and find our way eventually. Fez was different; even walking from our hotel to a restaurant a few minutes away led to confusion.

This brings me to my #1 tip for Fez: hire a local guide (we asked about this at our hotel, and they found and booked one for us). It wasn’t very expensive, and we got to have someone lead us through the crazy tangle of streets for a morning, hitting all the major sites along the way. I enjoyed our tour a lot, and I think we got to see sites we wouldn’t have found if we had just been wandering around on our own.

Here are some of my favorite photos from Fez:

Our hotel courtyard. I loved that all our hotels in Morocco (minus the super shady one in Tangier) were centered around big, open courtyards.

We drove to the outskirts of Fez to get some neat views of the city:

The aptly-named Blue Gate:

Some details that caught my eye:

I love the photo on the left – it perfectly encapsulates what Fez’s tiny streets felt like to me. The photo on the right was taken just inside a mosque:

A dried fruit stand (not quite as crazy as the ones in Marrakesh):

Inside a huge, multi-story carpet shop:

The remnants of mint tea (I loved that stuff):

The tanneries in Fez were impressive to see:

I took a covert picture of our tour guide while at a leather-goods shop:

One thing I really regret about my Morocco trip? I never bought a pair of these colorful shoes:

Lunch time deliciousness:

No visit to a city in Morocco is complete without the two of us getting accosted by local scarf-sellers:

I loved the colorful details and products we found in shops:

And Coca Cola, as it turns out, is just as refreshing in Morocco:

And with that, my trip to Morocco was over! Next week: a peek back at my 2008 vacation in Greece.

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