Draw Something Resembling Anything!

Do you play Draw Something? I was recently introduced to this app (late to the game, I know) and I have a confession to make: while I love it, I’m also semi-terrified of it.

Here’s the thing: I’m a terrible drawer. Really, honestly bad. As such, this game gives me fits of anxiety – I take forever to decide what to draw, then if I’m feeling stuck I will Google Image the word for reference, then I get to work on my drawing, and then I hit send and immediately imagine whatever friend I’m playing with laughing as they see my childlike scribbles.

In my defense, it’s hard! Drawing on the tiny screen of your iPhone with your fingers does not make for great precision. Plus, it’s not like you’ve got an infinite number of colors to work with, and sometimes the words they give you are downright ridiculous (how, for example, would you draw “wutang”?).

Because no post is complete without a few pictures, here are screenshots of a few of my greatest (er, worst) Draw Something treasures. Behold, internet, my artistic prowess.

  • Ponytail: Because, I mean, doesn’t everyone rock a ponytail that goes straight back from her head?
  • Taiwan: When you’re playing Pictionary, I know you’re not technically supposed to write anything, but I bend this rule in Draw Something. Also, I’m fairly certain this is the least geographically-accurate map, maybe ever. But my friend guessed the word! Victory.
  • Floss: I included this one because I think it looks semi-terrifying. Is this man flossing or being tortured? Hard to tell, really.

  • Fishing: This is probably the most intricate I’ve ever gotten with a drawing. I used not one, not two, but three colors here! Never mind the fact that the fish appears almost as large as the fisherman.
  • Wand: Who doesn’t love a good Harry Potter reference? Only, I had trouble drawing his scar and it’s pretty much taking over his entire face. Ah, well, you get the picture.
  • Six Pack: I actually think this drawing was pretty good, if I may say so. I mean, I gave you two beautiful illustrations to choose from! Ignore the fact that the man’s six pack begins approximately at his shoulders.

  • Ghost: Quite possibly, the most minimalistic thing I’ve ever drawn. But in my defense – do you really need more details?
  • New York: I actually think this one is pretty solid and included it to prove that not every drawing I do is atrocious. Although, have you ever seen an apple floating above the NYC skyline?
  • Sideburns: While accurate, this drawing strikes me as fairly pathetic. Something about those sad, squiggles along the side of his face…

And there you have it. Do you play Draw Something? Are your artistic skills far superior to mine? And how would you draw “wutang”?

P.S. If you read this post title and immediately thought, “Pictionary scene in When Harry Met Sally!,” then you are awesome and we should probably be friends.

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