Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 28

(Image via Texts from Hillary)

The weekly roundup of internet finds:

  1. Remember when Titanic came out in 1997? And remember what other pop culture stuff was big then? Here’s a fun summary. Semi-Charmed Life! Great song.
  2. I admit, I’m guilty of using the phrase “First World Problems.” But this post is a nice reminder not to be so flippant.
  3. I read a lot articles and stories on the internet, but this post – Leap and the Net Will Appear – is one of my all-time favorite things I’ve ever found. I’ve had it bookmarked for a long time and thought I’d share it now. Inspiring.
  4. As if I weren’t already jealous enough of Beyonce’s fabulous-ness, this website confirms that, in fact, she is just 100% cooler than everyone else on planet earth.
  5. 13 Simple Steps to Get You through a Rough Day. Perfect for finals time. Or anytime, really.
  6. This is simultaneously adorable and heartbreaking: Cute Dogs Listening to Sad Songs. Awwww!
  7. 10 Lies Disney Told Me. The story of my childhood, for sure. I especially love number 3: “She did have a talking raccoon best friend though, that part is true.”
  8. This video, Springtime in Charleston, is so lovely. Everyday Musings is one of my favorites blogs, and that pretty much sums up why.
  9. You’ve probably already seen this, but just in case – Texts from Hillary. Hilarious.
  10. Last week, I wrote about how horrible I am at Draw Something. And this gallery of amazing Draw Something pictures further puts me to shame.

Looking for more awesome? Check out the archives.

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