Who Would Google That? Vol. 3

(Image via Blogging via Typewriter)

I always find it entertaining to look at the search terms that bring folks to my blog – some are hilarious, some are mildly (or majorly) disturbing, and some are just plain odd. I’ve recapped some of my favorites here and here; now, here’s round three:

Things That Make Me Laugh:

  • i make a sweater for an octopus, and i left an extra hole for its dreams and ideas” (YES!!! I still love this SNL sketch. Doesn’t get old.)
  • ridonkulous mismatched outfits” (Anyone who says ridonkulous is awesome in my book.)
  • ron swanson never half ass” (Of course he’s not. He’s Ron Mother F’in Swanson.)
  • it hit me i feel old” (Me too.)
  • i am swag” (Again, me too.)
  • white guy with cornrows nick offerman” (The thought of Ron Swanson in cornrows never fails to make me laugh).

Things Internet Creepers Google:

  • yoga poses nina dobrev” (So many Nina Dobrev creepers find my blog. Seriously, guys, calm down.)
  • grammy awards see through dresses” (I can’t help you with that, but I can direct you to a photograph of Nikki Minaj dressed as Little Red Riding Hood with the Pope. Same difference?)
  • sexy julie andrews” (Oh, dear lord…)

Things That Make No Sense Whatsoever:

  • good way to quit dipping” (Uhhh, dipping what? I’m almost afraid to ask.)
  • amy poehler is a skank” (NO WAY! How dare you, sir.)
  • miranda lambert slap her she’s french” (Is she? Or is this, like, a song she sings?)


  • adele best friend laura” (Awww, I like to think we would be best friends.)
  • we all know a douchebag named maisie” (Do we?)
  • spoons can be fun” (Indeed they can!)
  • was ryan gosling boston st patricks day” (If the answer to this is “yes,” I’m super angry I didn’t see him.)
  • hunger games macaroons new girl blog” (This honestly sounds like the BEST. BLOG. EVER.)
  • anne frank where’s waldo meme” (I don’t know what this meme is, but I’m almost certain the appropriate response to it would be “too soon.”)
  • who was laura in jackson pollock’s life” (Someone very special, thanks for asking.)

Best Spam Comments:

  • “Man if i ever saw two racoons fighting over a blogs itd be this one, nicely done my friend. Keep it up.” (This is my favorite spam comment EVER. Ever.)
  • “Your writing is just so valuable and I can’t even consider of an adjective that will best describe your post on Piano Benches. Keep up the excellent job.” (Why, thank you. I am something of a piano bench aficionado.)
  • “Plot: Surfs up for Barbie as she returns as Merliah, the fun and fashionable surfing champion whos also a magical mermaid princess!?” (Someone please buy me this Barbie, k?)
  • “Invest $1 And Quit Your Job In 7 Days” (Whoa. This seems like it would really work.)

What crazy/disturbing/hilarious search words have led people to your blog?


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