Travel Notes: Delphi

Every Wednesday, I plan to post a look back at a place I’ve traveled, including some favorite photographs and memories. Today’s post is from my graduation trip to Greece in summer 2008.

After Athens, we headed to Delphi. The main attraction there, of course, is the ancient Oracle. In fact, there isn’t much more to this tiny hillside town, but it was fascinating to explore the ruins, and it was nice to be out in the quiet – and super beautiful – Greek countryside. Here are some favorite photos:

The views of the surrounding area from the ruins were spectacular:

It was rainy as we explored the ruins, and hiking up the hillside was semi-treacherous – but worth it.

I don’t think the rain and wind really agreed with my hair:

There was also a small museum – nothing fancy, but a few interesting pieces:

One thing we noticed all over Greece – little roadside shrines dotting the side of the road. I’ve read that these are not only to commemorate victims of traffic accidents, but also are used as offerings of thanks by survivors of car accidents. Either way, they were fascinating to take a peek at:

We hiked along the road out of Delphi for a bit, just enjoying the wonderful views:

Our hotel in Delphi was super cute:

And, finally, I found this while shopping in town. Uhhh, isn’t that an oxymoron?

Next up next week: more adventures in tiny Greek towns, as we head to Kalavrita and Dmitsana.

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