Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 30

(Image via I Waste So Much Time)

The weekly roundup of internet finds:

  1. 12 Ways to Achieve the Very Best Glamour Shot. You shouldn’t read this if you’re at the library studying or at work in a cubicle, because you will probably laugh out loud and annoy everyone else. So, so good.
  2. I think this movie, premiering on HBO next month, looks awesome. Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen? I’m so there. Clive Owen is…amazing, in a word. And many other adjectives that would completely objectify him.
  3. A crazy 10-day trip around the world – Make It Count. That video is inspiring.
  4. After reading this, I want to go back to Paris and eat croissants. Someone take me there?
  5. This is awesome – a super creative dad took crazy pictures of his two daughters. I think my favorite is the Super Mario Brothers one, but they are all great.
  6. The 21 Absolute Worst Things in the World. All are awful, but especially number 21.
  7. For my next birthday, if someone could make me a Schmidt birthday cake, that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  8. And even more Schmidt – Schmidt’s Workout Video. Seriously, is there a better character on TV right now? I vote no.
  9. So call me, Maeby? I can’t adequately explain how funny I find this.
  10. A friend sent me the link for this website last week, and I love it: Anti-Oppressive Baby Animals.

And in case you missed it: More from the Awesome Archives

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