Adventures in Homemade Pizza

I have been a fan of the whole make-your-own-pizza thing for awhile now, but I almost always go with flavor combinations I know: marinara sauce, pepperoni, and a mix of veggies. I decided, this time around, to attempt more interesting combinations – and it was a big success, as far as I’m concerned.

Pizza One: Strawberry Balsamic Bacon (from Annie’s Eats)

Doesn’t this just look delicious? It totally was. Of the two I made, this was definitely my favorite (though the other one was delicious as well). I don’t even particularly like bacon, but this was an unexpectedly good combination of flavors. It also looks so pretty and colorful – and I love that.

Pizza Two: Cheesy Spinach + Artichoke Pizza (from How Sweet It Is)

This one was also a solid choice – but very, very cheesy. In fact, I cut down on the cheese the recipe called for by about 1/3 and it was still a bit much. I’m not the biggest fan of artichokes, so I think that held this back a bit for me, but it was good.

I’m pretty pumped about my first foray into the world of fancier pizzas. Do you have any favorite flavor combinations I should try next?


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