May in Instagrams

A look back at May through the lens of my iPhone:

  • Row 1: Having a study snack, finding motivation to get through finals, ordering takeout pho for dinner, taking a rainy walk, and looking up at the Michigan Art Museum.
  • Row 2: Drinking margaritas at the Prickly Pear, smelling the spring flowers, making a fro yo run, remembering how beautiful my school is, and wishing I had a bright pink car.
  • Row 3: Lunching at the Grand Traverse Pie Company, snapping summer flowers in front of the Michigan Union, having Mother’s Day lunch at the Jolly Pumpkin, getting my hair done, and dining at Zingerman’s Deli.
  • Row 4: Buying local, admiring my newest cookbook acquisition, adoring my puppy dog, making homemade pizzas, and looking out at my backyard.
  • Row 5: Loving my sleepy puppy, making tilapia burgers, enjoying fresh summer flowers, watching Baxter keep watch, and remembering that life is a special occasion.
  • Row 6: Hanging out at the Orlando Farmer’s Market, admiring the downtown Orlando skyline, shopping at the Farmer’s Market, swimming in the ocean, and spending the afternoon at the beach.

(More 2012 Instagrams can be found here: January, February, March, and April)

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