My Home for the Summer

I have arrived at my summer home – Chicago. I have an internship here this summer, so for the next few months, this blog will be very heavy on all things related to the Windy City. Things you can expect to read about: cultural attractions, restaurant discoveries, and various other adventures. Things you cannot expect to read about: me ever referring to this city at “The Chi” or “Chi Town.” Mostly because, that drives me absolutely crazy. Seriously. Don’t do it. Like, ever.

I’ve visited Chicago many times, but never have I stayed for such a long period. I have a huge list of things I want to do, places I want to see, and food I want to try, and I’m sure it’s more than I will accomplish in one summer. But I’m pumped to try. Let’s do this, Chicago.

4 thoughts on “My Home for the Summer

  1. I have a whole bunch of stuff on my blog about Chicago, my hometown. Unfortunately I think I have it in a section called The Chi. But that was way before I saw you don’t like the moniker. Do i get grandfathered in here?

    1. I will grant you a rare exception since you’re a regular reader 🙂

      I will definitely check out your archives – anything you think I absolutely must do while I’m here?

      1. For non-touristy stuff – hit a few street tests like Old Town Art Fair, Taste of Lincoln Ave, Pride Parade. Definitely check out Ravinia. Some great concerts and you can bring dinner/drinks on the lawn. Super cheap and train stops right at the gates. Cubs games. Also explore the neighborhoods. We have a place in Bucktown and we love that area. Same with Wicker Park, Lakeview, Andersonville. Can probably name a 100 restaurants. Just lmk what kind and price range! Real excited for you!

      2. Thanks! These recommendations look awesome! I mostly stayed downtown/in touristy areas during my first weekend, so I’m looking forward to venturing out into the neighborhoods and trying some of these soon.

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