State + Lake Tavern

On a Christmas shopping trip to Chicago a few years back, my mom and I stayed at the Wit hotel. We totally loved it – great location, amazing decor, and lots of quirky, cool touches. It also happens to have a really good hotel restaurant – we only ate breakfasts there, but they were always a treat.

Flash forward to last weekend. My parents helped me move to Chicago for the summer, and they stayed at the Wit during move-in weekend. Naturally, this meant we had breakfast there two days in a row. One meal, I went with the healthier option and got an egg white wrap (delicious, but far less photo-worthy). As for the other meal? I indulged in red velvet pancakes. They sounded incredible on the menu and, oh boy, did they look – and taste – incredible in real life. We walked a ton the rest of the day, so I’m deeming this splurge okay.

Take-away message: Go to Chicago. Stay at the Wit. Eat breakfast there.

(P.S. Their coffee, as seen in the above photo, is also quite good).

The Details: State + Lake Tavern | 201 N. State St., Chicago, IL | 312.239.9400

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