This is the post where I rave about a sandwich. It seems odd to me; sandwiches are pretty generic. How could one be that good? How could it compete with gourmet culinary creations?

I had heard good things about Grahamwich, but I went in skeptically. Again, it was the whole, “can a sandwich really be that great?” mentality. But. People, let me tell you – these sandwiches are good. Though I love Zingerman’s Deli, I have to say that Grahamwich one ups it – good quality ingredients, lower prices, and overall much tastier. Sacrilege coming from an Ann Arbor resident, I know. But I speak the truth.

I got a Waldorf Chicken sandwich, so, basically, a chicken salad sandwich. And though I love chicken salad sandwiches, they’re usually pretty mundane. Definitely not the showstoppers of the sandwich family, if you will. But this one was amazing. I’ll put it down to two things: the creamy gorgonzola (seriously delish. Enough so that I got excited and abbreviated “delicious”) and the candied walnuts (they added the perfect amount of crunch to the sandwich).

I ordered the Greek yogurt soft serve for dessert. It comes topped with strawberry preserves, rhubarb, and white chocolate. If you can ignore the whole white chocolate part, it’s enough to make you think you’re having a relatively healthy – yet still yummy – dessert.

I also thought that the restaurant itself was quite well done, with modern, fun decor throughout. They also serve the sandwiches on vintage trays, which I loved – just a little touch that makes things extra special. And if my love of the vintage trays doesn’t convince you, please at least trust me on the sandwiches.

The Details: Grahamwich | 615 N. State St., Chicago, IL | 312.265.0434

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