Old Town Art Fair

This weekend, I went to the Old Town Art Fair. I absolutely loved it – despite being a hot afternoon, it was awesome to walk around, see the art, listen to the live music, and just take it all in. Old Town is completely charming; some day, I’ll get rich and live in a beautiful neighborhood like this (a girl can dream, right?). Here are some highlights from my afternoon at the art fair:

My beverage of choice? Sangria. I watched them pour it, and it came from a box, which is highly questionable…yet it was still refreshing.

The fair winds through residential streets – so the booths are right in front of gorgeous old homes.

I could never quite figure out where the photo booth was, but I still thought this truck was cool:

If you have cute details in your booth – like flowers in mason jars – I am 99% more likely to stop by and peruse:

Another cool thing about the Art Fair is that it includes an urban garden tour. I only visited a few of the homes on the tour (there were like 50!), but the gardens were lovely.

And what about the art, you ask? It was a tad out of my price range (though I would have loved to buy myself a pair of $150 handcrafted earrings), but still fun to look at. Here were some pieces that stood out:

These next pieces were my favorite – each was made up of intricately-carved, brightly-painted pieces. So detailed and beautiful.

The Details: Old Town Art Fair | Old Town Triangle, Chicago, IL 60614

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