The Berghoff

I feel like the Berghoff is one of those restaurants whose glory days were sometime circa the ’70s or ’80s. You can tell it probably used to be cool. And as for the restaurant today? It’s chugging along…but that’s about it.

We wound up there because we didn’t have reservations anywhere else, and it’s super close to where I’m living this summer. Plus, I admit I feel nostalgic for German food after last summer’s adventures in Berlin and Munich. So it seemed like a solid choice.

The ambiance was nice (sort of German beer hall-esque, but more low-key) and the food was good, if not anything special. I ordered the wiener schnitzel and received a gigantic piece, which was tasty but dry. It came with cooked asparagus, served cold. I found that very odd – either give me cold, fresh asparagus, or give me warm, cooked asparagus. I also ordered spaetzle which, predictably, was my favorite part of the meal. All in all, it was a dinner that got the job done, but probably will wind up as one of my less memorable dining experiences in Chicago.

The Details: The Berghoff | 17 West Adams Street, Chicago, IL 60603 | 312.427.3170

2 thoughts on “The Berghoff

    1. The spaetzle was great! I saw your post about the food tour on your blog and am considering taking it (or at least going to some of the places on my own)!

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