Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

The revelation for me about Snow White and the Huntsman was that I didn’t hate Kristen Stewart. I’m not sure if I have mentioned it before, but there is no actress who annoys me as much as she does. But, here, I actually forgot she was Kristen Stewart and just focused on her performance as Snow White. I guess that’s called…acting? In fact, I thought Stewart’s acting was solid here – she pulled off a tricky combination of being both innocent and tough. I’m freaking myself out a little bit with all this K. Stew praise.

But, let’s be honest – the movie belongs to Charlize Theron as Ravenna, the evil queen. Given that they came out within close proximity of each other, it’s impossible not to compare this film to Mirror, Mirror and to compare Theron’s performance to that of Julia Roberts. To me, the similarity was that both actresses were clearly having a great time playing evil. But, Theron’s performance was much darker and much stronger, I felt. She was very compelling.

Less compelling was Chris Hemsworth. I know everyone seems to love him right now (Thor!), but I’m a little confused about his appeal. I think he was attempting a Scottish accent in this movie, but mostly it sounded like incoherent mumbling to me. I’m sure some of the ladies dug that, but you know what I find sexy? Enunciation.

The other thing I loved about the movie was its visual effects. Particularly when the film moved to the Dark Forest and then to the more magical land (not sure what it was called), the film was stunning. Just beautiful colors, cute woodland creatures, the works. Usually those sorts of things look too fake and CGI-y to me, but this movie’s effects were really well done.

My one major complaint with the movie is the same thing I’ve said about a lot of movies lately: it was too long. I’m not sure whatever happened to film editors, but I miss them. It took a long time for the movie to reach its conclusion, an ending which I was a bit uncertain about at first. The movie ends somewhat ambiguously – Snow White is crowned Queen, but we don’t know what becomes of her kingdom, what happens to the Huntsman, and which man she chooses, if she chooses anyone at all. The chick flick lover in me wanted to know – does she end up with William or the Huntsman, dammit? But on reflection, I like the ending better this way. It makes the movie less about a love triangle and more about the rise of Snow White. You know, girl power and all that jazz. And you can’t argue with that.

My Grade: B+

(Image via Coming Soon)

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