The Sears Tower

Whenever I do something touristy, I feel the need to preface my blog entry with something along the lines of, “I know this is touristy, but…”. It’s my way of saying, look, I am not one of the mindless out-of-towners, fanny pack around waist, map in hand, walking slowly in front of you on the street. I am savvier than that. I may not live here, but at least I know better.

The truth is, though, I like a mixture of touristy and off-the-beaten path stuff when I visit a place. Many touristy things, after all, became tourist destinations in the first place because they were generally awesome (and then there are tacky-yet-popular things like Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum that defy all explanation). But it’s good to balance those things with hidden gems, not only because it gives you the smug satisfaction of feeling like a superior traveler, but also because you get some pretty great experiences.

All that is my very long way of saying, I went to the Sears Tower, it was crowded with hordes of tourists, and I enjoyed it anyway. My last trip there was something like 8 years ago (what up, high school field trip), so I felt due for a return. And you know what? You can’t beat those views.

What is this Willis Tower you speak of?

The Details: Sears Tower (aka Willis Tower) | 233 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL | 312.875.9447

2 thoughts on “The Sears Tower

  1. When I’m in Chicago I have the option of working in our offices high up in Big Willie. view is stunning but surprisingly not distracting.

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