Southport Corridor

Last Friday after work, I headed to Southport (a little area in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood) to check out Southport Grocery. Except, I simply assumed it would be open until like 8 or 9pm, when in reality, it closes at 4pm on Fridays (um, why?). So, my whole reason for the trip was shot, but I wandered around the area for a bit and decided I kinda love it. It’s a cute little neighborhood with good shops and a fun atmosphere. And my time there wasn’t totally wasted, as I found a bunch of stuff to photograph. Behold:

I couldn’t find a good angle to photograph this from, so it’s hard to read, but this window was inspiring: “This is not your practice life. This is all there is.”

Anthro always has the best window displays. And inside the store, I fell in love with a $170 dress that was not destined to be mine due to two little words: unpaid internship.

Paper Source was also a major source of inspiration:

Every shop had at least a few pretty flower pots in front of it:

Anthony’s Italian Ice. This little gem gets its own blog post later. Get excited.

I went inside a candy store and bought no candy, but I did take a picture of colorful M&Ms. Priorities.

The window display at Free People was fantastic:

And I find this to be true:

Southport Corridor, I like you a lot. And I will return.

2 thoughts on “Southport Corridor

  1. I used to live right on southport! Love that area. When I was there it didn’t have that many stores though. Great Argentinian restaurant further north. Southport Lanes is a lot of fun- 4 lanes of bowling with manual pin setters. Great area for after a cubs game.

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