Anthony’s Italian Ice

When I hear the phrase “Italian ice,” I used to think of what they sold in my middle school cafeteria – small pre-packaged cups of ice, more likely than not filled with synthetic dyes and chemicals. To the non-discerning palate of 7th graders, those were just fine, but a few weeks ago I discovered the joys of real Italian ice. And it totally owns middle school Italian ice, if you ask me.

I headed to Anthony’s Italian Ice (on Southport, an area which, as previously mentioned, I love) last week. I got the dark chocolate and it was delicious. The thing I like about Italian Ice is that it’s flavorful, but not heavy like ice cream. Very light and summery. I like that.

And another thing I like about Anthony’s? Colorful tables. Is it wrong that I walked up to the store and my first thought was, “this will be a fun background for taking photos”?

Yeah, it’s probably wrong. But Italian ice, on the other hand, is so right.

The Details: Anthony’s Italian Ice | 3442 North Southport Avenue, Chicago, IL 60657 | 773.868.4237

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