Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 36

(Image via Huffington Post)

The weekly roundup of all that I deem awesome:

  1. A compilation of recycled Aaron Sorkin dialogue. Amazing how many phrases and anecdotes he repeats, almost word for word, in different projects.
  2. When I Was Growing Up, Girls Just Didn’t Run in Public” – a Nike ad in celebration of Title IX’s 40th anniversary. Love this so much.
  3. If I lived in L.A., I guarantee I would visit this Arrested Development-inspired art exhibit. Too good.
  4. And if I lived in NYC, I would totally go to this: a play, the premise of which is the Babysitters Club reuniting in Stonybrook for Mary Anne and Logan’s wedding.
  5. Ryan Gosling was glad the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, too.
  6. Nickelodeon buried a time capsule in 1992. Looking at what was inside, my ’90s nostalgia is running rampant.
  7. Also making my 90s nostalgia run rampant? 14 First World Problems from the 90s. Funny how things have changed (and, for the record, I always found number 8 particularly upsetting).
  8. Stately Sandwiches – a fun project where the author is creating a sandwich to represent each state. I’m trying to figure out what the Michigan sandwich should be…
  9. This article made me smile: How American Girl Is Saving the World, One Doll at a Time. As a lifelong American Girl fan (I had Molly when I was little), I would agree that the brand is pretty wonderful.
  10. Crazy nerdy, but this made me laugh: Write Like the Wind, a song encouraging George R.R. Martin to write his books faster.

Didn’t get enough awesome? Head to the Awesome Archives.

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