Oz Park

I work right by Oz Park, which is a lovely little park located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood (I said “park” three times in that sentence, I know). Anyway, the other interns and I started eating lunch at Oz Park almost every day, and it’s now one of my favorite quiet spaces in Chicago.

There is an absolutely beautiful flower garden in the park, and the garden is always pretty quiet and people-free (compared to other spots of the park, which are filled with children playing). It’s a great place to eat lunch, read, or just people watch (and by “people watch,” I clearly mean Lincoln-Park-mom-and-nanny-watch, since that’s who frequents the surrounding area).

One day after work, I headed over to the “Emerald City Garden” and snapped these photos. The garden is a small space, but packed with so many interesting varieties of flowers. What a cool spot!

I love this little statue, hiding back among the plants:

I thought the combo of pink + green in these flowers was cool. Another thing I find cool? My ballet flats. Fun fact.

Awww! Some poor little kid apparently forgot his stuffed animal at the park:

The Details: Oz Park | located at the corner of Lincoln + Webster

2 thoughts on “Oz Park

  1. Moms and nannies? I guess that makes sense if ur there weekdays. We would go there on weekends and it was all 20-somethings sunning themselves. Taste of Lincoln Ave is going to be right by there at end of July. Prob the best street fest of summer.

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