Why I’m Nervous about the Arrested Development Movie

(Image via IFC)

So, it appears that the Arrested Development movie is finally, officially, really and truly a go, as reports have surfaced that filming begins in a few weeks. It was announced months ago and rumored for years before that, but now that concrete details are emerging, I’m starting to believe it. And, as an Arrested Development super-fan, I have to admit I’m a bit conflicted about the whole thing. Much like Jessie Spano on caffeine pills, I am so excited but so, so scared.

Here’s the thing. The three original seasons of Arrested Development are just about perfect. People will often complain that the show was cancelled well before its time, and while that’s true, in an odd way, it was a blessing in disguise. The show went out in top form; there was no growing stale (cough, The Office, cough) and no repetition of the same storylines (cough, Ross and Rachel on Friends, cough). If the show had stuck around for several more seasons, I wonder – would everyone still love it so much? Would there be such a cult around it? I think, inevitably, no.

So, that puts me in a weird situation. On the one hand, I cannot wait for more drunken antics from Lucille, more mishaps from Gob (“I’ve made a terrible mistake”), more awkward moments from George Michael, and more general Bluth family ridiculousness. But on the other hand…I’m nervous they’re going to ruin it.

Look, I know this won’t be a disaster on par with Sex and the City (because, really, how could anything be as tragic as that?). Still, it’s a tricky situation. While I’d love to go crazy like all the other Arrested Development diehards, for now, I’m remaining cautiously optimistic about how this will all turn out. Ultimately, I have faith that creator Mitch Hurwitz and the whole acting team are going to pull off something awesome. And if they don’t? There’s always money in the banana stand.


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