Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 37

The weekly roundup of internet fabulousity and ridicularity (both legit words; trust me):

  1. 10 Pantone-Themed Products. Someone buy me the coffee mugs?
  2. There are no words to express how mesmerized I am by this video: young Ryan Gosling, singing and dancing at a Mormon talent show. I mean…come on!
  3. I found this article, The “Busy” Trap, quite thought-provoking. It’s one of my pet peeves when people say they’re “busy” but are clearly kinda bragging about being busy (even though I’ve been guilty of doing this too).
  4. Yes, I Instagram food photos all the time (as evidenced by this blog). However, this article is still hilarious.
  5. Banana Republic is launching a line inspired by Anna Karenina. Pretty sure I’m going to want to buy all of it.
  6. We watched this video on Monday at work and it basically made my day. Maybe even my week. Pandas! On slides!
  7. When Andy Murray made it to the Wimbledon final, I was rooting for him hard. And when he lost, I was bummed. If you can watch his speech after the match and not get teary eyed, then…I don’t even know what to say.
  8. Love this article: “How to Spot a Misogynist.” Right on.
  9. This is hilarious: “I’m Comic Sans, Asshole.” Give the font some respect, people.
  10. I thought I was tired of “Call Me Maybe” parodies, but then Cookie Monster went and changed my mind.

Looking for past bits of awesomeness? The Awesome Archives to the rescue!

(Image via Some E-Cards)

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