Recent Lunch Eats: Wildberry, 25 Degrees, and Grahamwich (Part Deux)

Along the same lines as my Recent Breakfast Eats post, here are a couple recent(ish) lunches of note:


If I worked downtown, I would probably go to Wildberry a lot – it’s a great spot for a quick but tasty workday lunch. I’ve gone a couple times and the food has always been good (but, be forewarned: it’s super busy right at lunchtime). The lunch pictured below was particularly fantastic – an ahi tuna wrap with sweet potato fries. The wrap was amazing. Ahi tuna = win.

The Details: Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe | 130 East Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60601 | 312.938.9777

25 Degrees:

We went here on the recommendation of a friend of a friend, and I liked the restaurant’s classier spin on burgers. I got the Number Four burger, which is yellowfin tuna with spicy aioli. Since I don’t actually like hamburger meat that much, the tuna was perfect. The restaurant also had fun decor – kind of French bistro-esque.

The Details: 25 Degrees | 736 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60654 | 312.943.9700


And finally, a return trip to Grahamwich. While I think their Waldorf Chicken sandwich is to die for, all their other menu options look delicious, so I figured I should branch out a bit. I got the grilled shrimp wrap this time around – think shrimp, mango salsa, beans, corn, and various other bits of awesomeness. This was good, but I have to say the Waldorf Chicken still has my heart.

The Details: Grahamwich | 615 North State Street, Chicago, IL | 312.265.0434

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