Recent Dinner Eats: Old Town Pour House and Bar Toma

I’ve already blogged some recent breakfast and lunch eats in Chicago; here are a few recent dinners as well. It’s my last week in the city and it’s starting to hit me – I’m really going to miss some of these places!

Old Town Pour House:

I went to Old Town Pour House with friends before we went to Second City – I would say it’s a perfect spot to grab a meal or drinks before the show. I had a cherry beer that tasted a lot like cherries and only a little like beer, making it a clear winner in my book (I’m not such a fan of beer). We also had mini pretzel bites and an interesting cheese plate – some really great flavors, and a few odd ones.

The Details: Old Town Pour House | 1419 North Wells St., Chicago, IL 60610 | 312.477.2800

Bar Toma:

I’ve visited Bar Toma twice but only have one set of (not so great) pictures. Bar Toma has an interesting selection of appetizers (including black licorice potato chips – not my thing), but where they really succeed is their diverse selection of pizzas. Pictured above is my Spaniard pizza (chorizo, cilantro, and cheese), but I also really enjoyed the Gamberi pizza (shrimp and pesto) that I had at another visit.

The Details: Bar Toma | 110 East Pearson St., Chicago, IL 60611 | 312.266.3110

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