Tuesday Top Ten: Things I Love about Working in Lincoln Park

I am a persistent list maker, so I decided to start a new recurring feature: the Tuesday Top Ten. In general, I think most of my lists will be pop culture related, but since my summer here in Chicago is winding down, I thought it would be appropriate to do at least one Windy City Top Ten.

This summer, I have spent most of my time in Lincoln Park, where my internship is located. I have come to really enjoy this part of the city – it’s more quiet and peaceful, but there are still lots of little treasures and things to do. Here are my ten favorite things about working in Lincoln Park.

(1) Del Seoul:

A friend of mine called Del Seoul’s Korean tacos mind-blowing. Have you ever heard someone say that about a taco before? I must agree: Del Seoul is really, really good. Plus, it’s cheap, so it’s a great choice for a quick meal. My go-to order is their sesame-chili shrimp bahn mi. It’s amazing.

(2) Lunching in Oz Park:

As I previously mentioned, Oz Park is one of my favorite spots in the city – perfect for people watching, long lunches, and just hanging out. I will miss this spot.

(3) Floriole:

I love the array of beautiful and delicious pastries at Floriole. I had the coffee eclair (pictured above) recently and all I can say is…wow.

(4) Peace and Quiet:

Lincoln Park is part of the city, but somewhat of an escape from it. Maybe it’s not the trendiest spot in town, but it feels quite homey to me. The thing I’ve come to love about Chicago is that it’s a collection of neighborhoods – you just need to find one, scope out some favorite places, and you feel like a local.

(5) Bourgeois Pig Cafe:

Another favorite workday lunch spot, the Bourgeois Pig has great sandwiches and salads (the Greek salad is especially delicious). The Bourgeois Pig also wins a prize for having the best restaurant name I’ve come across in quite awhile.

(6) Shopping on Armitage and Halsted:

Admittedly, I’m not much of a shopping enthusiast, but the streets of Armitage and Halsted have some great spots. My favorites? Paper Source (where I bought the super adult planner pictured above), Kiehl’s, Lush, and Aldo (where I scored a great pair of summer sandals).

(7) Green City Market:

A great farmers market and an all-around fun place to hang out on a Saturday morning – fresh food, cooking demonstrations, music, and great people watching.

(8) Molly’s Cupcakes:

Molly’s is on the same block as Del Seoul, which makes for an amazing one two punch of deliciousness. Molly’s has simple but delicious cupcakes (plain chocolate is my favorite) and fun details in the store – swings at the bar, bright pillows on the benches, and a Sprinkle Station for decorating your cupcake.

(9) Lincoln Park Zoo:

I have mixed feelings about zoos in general (the whole animals-in-cages thing), but Lincoln Park has a nice one and, even better, it’s free. I think it’s cool to have something like that available to the community.

(10) The Houses and Gardens:

The houses in Lincoln Park are beautiful and the gardens are even better. I particularly love the hydrangeas that seem to populate every garden – gorgeous!

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