Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 40 (Olympic Edition!)

My weekly roundup of awesome internet finds, this week with an emphasis on Olympic-level awesomeness:

  1. This is disturbing yet hilarious: Awkward Figure Skating Faces vs. Awkward Diving Faces.
  2. McKayla Maroney’s Vault Was So Good, It Literally Dropped a Judge’s Jaw. While the judges may have been impressed by Maroney, McKayla is not impressed with the judges…or anyone else for that matter. See this tumblr for more details.
  3. Ryan Lochte is a ridiculously talented swimmer but…he’s kind of a tool. Case in point: 10 Reasons Why Ryan Lochte is America’s Sexiest Douchebag. And for a little more Lochte: a comparison of Ryan Lochte and Ryan Gosling. Spoiler alert: Gosling comes out on top, by a mile.
  4. Decoding the dance moves of the Independent Olympic Athletes. It all makes sense now!
  5. Nathan Adrian is the Olympic Crush America Needs. Agreed. Also, I give you: Exhibit B.
  6. Check out these photos of US athletes with their medals. Everyone’s pictures are cute, but Danell Leyva’s is perhaps the best.
  7. This Olympics, more so than in previous incarnations, I noticed the shortcomings in NBC’s coverage. This article, contrasting NBC’s and the BBC’s approaches, is interesting (and makes me wish I had access to BBC’s 24 channels of Olympic coverage).
  8. The 10 Most Unusual Rules of the Olympic Games. Very interesting – especially number 2. That story should have made more news.
  9. This is just incredible: The US Women’s Gymnastics Team As “Mean Girls.” I can’t even.
  10. I love this article on the US Women’s soccer team, Perfectly Captivating Amid All Their Imperfections. Great article, and great game against Canada – one of those classics that I’ll always remember where I was and who I was watching with.

And in case you missed it: The Things That Are Awesome archives

(Image via McKayla Is Not Impressed)

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