Project Runway: Season 10, Episode 5

On this week’s Project Runway, the designers were split into two gigantic teams, prompting exasperation, outrage, and a whole host of other juvenile emotions from the group. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that none of the designers’ parents taught their children how to play well with others. A sample quip from Ven reflected the general attitude in the workroom: “Honestly, I want to kill myself.” With that kind of positive attitude, how could the designers possibly go wrong?

The Challenge: Heidi and Nina tasked the designers with creating a cohesive collection targeted at “the working woman.” Each team also had to style a photo shoot featuring their looks; the winning team’s photo spread would appear in Marie Claire. While I thought this challenge produced good results, I was still bored by its premise. Can’t we get some crazier challenges up in here?

My Top Three:

  • Dmitry: My current front runner; I think Dmitry has been criminally underrated all season. His stuff is understated but always impeccable, which is perfect for a “wear to work” challenge. Loved the black and navy combo, and how he color-blocked it in a cool way. The little cap sleeves were also cute.
  • Melissa: I liked this, albeit in a “Judy Jetson goes to work” sort of way. I adored the stark blue color and thought the shape of the dress was nice. The collar and zipper were a bit cray cray, but I liked how inventive this piece was. Overall, I agreed with Nina – this look was a showstopper. It was also good to see Melissa (finally!) embrace color.
  • Ven: I know he always does the same thing, but I love Ven’s aesthetic nonetheless. The top was just perfect and I loved the stark black and white combo.

My Bottom Three:

  • Elena: This look was too drab, and I hated how the jacket’s sleeves were tight but the rest of the jacket was billowy – what an odd fit! This did not look like something anyone I know would wear to work.
  • Fabio: An utterly boring garment. I’m channeling Nina Garcia here, but what about this piece was exciting or innovative? Michael called this his favorite garment of Team 5 and to that I can only say, “Ummmm, what?!?”
  • Elena/Alicia: The pants (made by Alicia) were nice; I love a good wide-leg trouser. But the blouse was hideous, making it Elena’s second strike of the week. I hated the billowing sleeves, which seem to be an Elena trademark. If Melissa can embrace color, Elena can sure as heck find a way to escape her oppressive, bulky jacket fascination.

Bitchy Lines of the Night:

  • “Oh my god. I’d rather eat dirt than work with Elena.” (Gunnar. I would bet my life she feels the same way about you, honey).
  • “Raul is the last person sitting there, like the schoolyard reject.” (Nathan. That was way harsh, Tai).
  • “I just hope he can deliver…for a change.” (Dmitry, with some stealth bitchiness there at the end of that sentence).
  • “I feel like Elena just escaped from the woods. She is an animal right now.” (Christopher on Elena. When your fellow designers repeatedly liken you to a wild animal, you might want to reconsider your behavior).
  • “I’m going to be candid with you. I was very, very worried about you because I was anticipating walking in to a hot mess.” (Oh, Tim. Never change).
  • “It looks like a f&$%ing drag queen cocktail hour on our side of the room.” (Gunnar, in a hilarious assessment of his team).
  • “Everybody hates Elena. Even if they say they like her, they hate her.” (Dmitry. Come on, dour Eastern Europeans! Don’t turn on each other now!)
  • “I think Ven is one-way monkey. Oh no…he’s one-trick pony, that’s what I meant.” (Dmitry, delivering a delightfully adorable insult. And, no, I did not forget articles in that quotation – that’s exactly what our favorite Belorussian said).
  • “Her boobs were kind of all over the place. It was kind of like a souffle that went down.” (Heidi on Gunnar’s dress).
  • “And I don’t hate a lot of things at all. That I hated.” (Heidi on Elena’s jacket sleeves. Tell us how you really feel, Frau Klum).
  • “When that dress came down the runway, I thought it looked like two puppies wrestling in a sack.” (Joanna on Gunnar’s dress. Line of the night, by far).

Random Bits + Pieces:

  • As you may have noticed above, I found more bitchy lines for this week’s episode than ever before. These team challenges bring out the worst (and by worst, I actually mean best/most entertaining) in these designers. What a train wreck.
  • The producers actually showed Nathan tonight! After getting zero screentime the first four weeks, he was all over the place this episode. Naturally, I assumed this meant he would be eliminated – but the producers fooled me. Perhaps this signals the beginning of an upswing for Nathan?
  • Raul deserves a major party foul for his lack of teamwork. At one point he said, “I’m not going to change my direction just because they want me to.” I get the self-preservation thing, but he seemed hell bent against working with his team from the start.
  • Tonight’s guest judge was Joanna Coles, aka the only part of PR All-Stars I miss. I wish she could be on every episode.
  • If my personal Top Three for this week (Dmitry, Ven, and Melissa) were the final three of the season, I would be really happy. Of course, knowing PR, that will never happen and someone egregiously undeserving will sneak in there.

The Result: Melissa got the win (hear, hear!) and Raul got sent home, though not before hurling a steam of insults at Elena (ummm, what was that about??). I am more than okay with this week’s outcome; Raul consistently created tacky garments and needs a major attitude adjustment.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did the right designer get sent home? And why can’t everyone just get along?

(Runway and judges photos via Lifetime; Michael Kors’s face of brilliance via Entertainment Weekly)

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