Creamy Lime Squares

When presented with dessert options as a child, I inevitably would turn to something chocolatey. It’s only in recent years that I have started to branch out into fruity desserts. Lately, I’ve been gravitating to baking citrus-y things. And so, when I saw these creamy lime squares on Eat, Live, Run, I knew they were a must-make. I wish I had taken more care to snap better photos; I don’t think I am doing their awesomeness justice here. But trust me, they are delicious.

These are easy to make, with one caveat: you truly must use a light hand when it comes to the food coloring. I clearly did not, and thus we have a bit of a scary neon slash Halloween green going on here. Ultimately, though, that matters very little once you taste these bad boys. They are damn good.

And mom-approved:

Can’t beat that.

(Recipe source: Eat, Live, Run)

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