Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 43

The weekly roundup of oh-so-awesome stuff I found on the interwebs:

  1. This is the best video I have seen in awhile: Samantha Bee at the RNC, interviewing people about Mitt Romney’s views on abortion. So good.
  2. Who is ready for the return of Michigan football? I am, and I know the guy who made this is too: I Love You, Denard.
  3. I am waaaay guilty of taking food photos on my iPhone, but this is still funny.
  4. Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from Clueless. One, this is one of my all-time favorite movies. Two, this is totally true. See, especially, number 10.
  5. This website idea is brilliant: Dogshaming.
  6. I have mentioned before that DWTS is my guilty pleasure. This article, ranking the All-Star Season promo pictures, is hilarious.
  7. Fascinating: Class of 2016 Mindset List. And now I feel old.
  8. I want to know how people come up with ideas like this: a cat singing the Game of Thrones theme song. Funny and kind of disturbing.
  9. Questions I Have for Celebrities. I’ll add one to the list, for Ryan Seacrest: Why are you everywhere, and how do I make it stop?
  10. Though it doesn’t premiere for a few weeks, the first episode of The Mindy Project is on Hulu. I already love this show. Reason 1 – Mindy Kaling. Reason 2 – Chris Messina. Reason 3 – This bit of dialogue: “We do not know that he is bad news. I think he has a good heart. I think he’s Hugh Grant in About a Boy.” “I think that he is Hugh Grant, in real life.”

In need of more awesome in your life? Head to the Things That Are Awesome archives.

(Image via The Gloss)

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