Lemon Cake Pops

Here is the thing I love about cake pops: They are super easy to make, and yet…people go crazy for them. They praise you as though you are some genius baker. You smile and nod along, laughing to yourself because you know the truth: cake pops are crazy easy to make. They only look difficult. Let me explain.

My mom wanted to take lemon cake pops to work and, since I was home for the week, I was drafted to make them. I started with a boxed lemon cake mix – just make the cake according to directions, let it cool, and then dump it into a big bowl:

Next, I put on a pair of food prep gloves; these babies are messy to make and you will be glad you put on the gloves once you realize just how messy things get. Start crumbling the cake with your fingers until you have fairly fine crumbs and no big chunks left:

Pop open a can of frosting (I used lemon flavored in this case) and dump it into your bowl. Mix it well with the cake:

Make sure your food prep gloves are still on, then start rolling chunks of cake into balls:

Melt a small portion your chocolate (I tend to use Wilton Candy Melts) over the stove until it reaches a spreadable consistency:

Dip your lollipop sticks into the melted chocolate, then dip them into the cake balls. I like to press my sticks in as far as they can go without poking through the other side:

Refrigerate your cake pops for about an hour so that the sticks set. Meanwhile, gather up what you will use to garnish your cake pops. In this case, I used two different things: gold sprinkles from Williams Sonoma and coconut dyed yellow. Add just a few drops of yellow food coloring to your coconut and mix well. Note: you do not want to add too much food coloring. My first coconut batch is pictured below; I was a bit heavy-handed and it came out looking Halloween orange. My second batch was much more acceptable.

Melt another batch of chocolate. Dip your cake balls into the chocolate, swirling them around to make sure they are entirely covered. Tap the stick on the edge of your bowl a few times to shake off any excess chocolate. Place your pops on a sheet of parchment paper and garnish immediately. If possible, work with a partner for this part – one person dips the cake balls, the other decorates. The chocolate sets quickly, so either work fast or get a buddy!

Final step? Take the cake pops to a gathering and watch in amazement as your friends ooh and aah.

If you’re looking for more cake pop ideas, I’ve also made Chocolate Peppermint Cake Pops and Pink Champagne Cake Pops. I love how many different flavor combinations you can come up with!


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