Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 44

The weekly roundup of internet wonderfulness:

  1. You guys, they make Saved By the Bell Nailpolish. The ’90s child inside me is dying.
  2. Very cool concept: Classic Sculptures Dressed in Modern Outfits.
  3. This resonated because it is me, in a nutshell: I Have No Survival Skills and I Am Going to Die. This line in particular is so me: “In the event of a broken down car, I would probably just cry/call my dad/cry while calling my dad.”
  4. The 33 Best GIFs of the Olympics. A month later and I still miss obsessively watching the Olympics every day.
  5. Considering this has 124 million views (and counting), you have probably seen it, but I’m going to share it anyway: Gangnam Style. Gotta love K-Pop.
  6. The 15 Best Ron Swanson GIFs. Have I shared this before? I’m having deja vu, but Ron Swanson is so amazing that I don’t even care.
  7. Legend has it that Mary Sue Coleman starts each day by spinning the Cube. Legend has it that Mary Sue Coleman is awesome.
  8. Two new trailers for Downton Abbey. I’m now trying to figure out how I can move to England this month so I can watch the show when it airs over there in September.
  9. This is just so, so good: The Mad Men Rickroll.
  10. I became a tennis fan right around the time Andy Roddick’s professional career began, so I was pretty sad about his retirement this week. This piece sums up Roddick much better than I ever could here.

(Image via BuzzFeed)

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